SharePoint Discussions

SharePoint Discussion boards can now be managed in RecordPoint. The aggregation level for discussion boards is set at the board level, independent of the RecordPoint aggregation set. When an Aggregation Level of List or Top Most Folder and Lowest Level Folder have been selected then an aggregation level of List is to be used. Aggregation levels of Site and Lowest Level Sub Site will continue to be respected.

This means Individual posts within a discussion board (discussion and reply items) will be submitted to RecordPoint and managed as records. Discussions will have the same capabilities as other records i.e. 

  • Able to access Record Summary for a post
  • Individual posts can be finalised
  • Discussion board and all contained posts can be finalised
  • Posts forming a thread able to be identified via metadata (eg thread id)
The title for a post should be ThreadName_PostNumber, where this exceeds 256 the thread name needs to be truncated such that the overall Title is less than 256.