Submission Workflows


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RecordPoint allows for the automation of a submission workflow based on a site content type.


The aggregation level determines the level at which electronic files are declared for the active site being managed by RecordPoint. This must be set during RecordPoint Content Deployment for the Active Site, if not applied during this stage the Submission Workflow would not be configurable.

This should be done in consultation with the Records Management function of the business, because once the aggregation level is set once it cannot be reversed.

For more information on setting the aggregation level, refer to Installation Guide or RecordPoint Aggregations

The  workflow, depending on your set up (by content type or library) will submit items from the active site. A rollup retention is applied to electronic files (aggregation). The record with the longest disposal schedule will be rolled up to this file therefore this file and it's contents take on the scheduled expiry date of the longest serving item.

Prerequisites for Roll Up Retention to apply: Automated RecordPoint Workflow Submission and disposal class applied to the file or documents within.

How to Apply the RecordPoint workflow

RecordPoint workflows are used to submit content from the Active Site to RecordPoint. They can be applied at either the content type, or the library level. We recommend attaching the workflow at the content type level. In normal situations, the workflow is attached at the parent content type level, and inherited by the child content types.


 Workflow TypeBehaviour
Submit Stub

Retains the document in the Active Site, and submits a stub (link) to the document to the RecordPoint Archive.


Submits the document to the RecordPoint Archive, and creates a link to it within the active site. (Item is not finalised, record state is Archive).

Submit Finalise*

Finalises the document in place in the Active Site, the binary remains in the Active site and a stub (link) is submitted to the RecordPoint Archive.

Submit Finalise ArchiveFinalises the document in the Active Site, moves the binary over to RecordPoint Archive and retains a link to the finalised document in the Active Site
Note: If a Required Checkout is set, then the RecordPoint Workflow start option must be set on 'Changing an item' and not on 'Creating a new item'. 
The RecordPoint workflow cannot be set to automatically execute the RecordPoint Workflow submission type 'Submit Archive' and 'Submit Finalise' when the workflow start options are 'Creating a new item' and 'Changing an item'.

Adding the RecordPoint Workflow

  1. From the Active Site
  2. Navigate to Site Settings
  3. Select Site Content Types
  4. Select the relevant parent content type, or the content type you wish to attach the workflow to
  5.  Select the Workflow Settings
  6. Select Add Workflow
  7. Select workflow template 'RecordPoint Submission Workflow'
  8. Populate the workflow settings in the form
  9. Click Next
  10. Select from the drop down how the workflow should behave (e.g. Submit, Submit/Stub etc)
  11. Select Apply Workflow