Auditing in RecordPoint

Audit Information

The events that you select to audit in SharePoint are also captured on their respective record in RecordPoint. The audit information captures the following information for the events that are selected to be audited.

  • Site from which an event originated

  • Item ID, type, name, and location

  • User ID associated with the event

  • Event type, date, time, and source

  • Action taken on the item

For more details on what information is captured refer to the following


Configuring Auditing in SharePoint Online

Please refer to the following article on configuring auditing in SharePoint Online

AuditMaximum Setting in RecordPoint

RecordPoint strictly enforce the 'AuditMaximum' setting in the RecordPoint Configuration list, delivering performance improvements when submitting content with large numbers of SharePoint audit entries associated.

Only the oldest N audit entries since the last submission of an item will be captured by RecordPoint, where N is the value of this setting. When content is submitted to RecordPoint with more than this number of audit entries, a warning log entry will be written.