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The RecordPoint policy features lets you define a retention stage with an action that occurs when this stage has been activated. A RecordPoint policy is defined in the RecordPoint site and the action is performed from the Active site. 

How it works

When the RecordPoint Daily Tasks Timer Job runs, it will look through all the records managed by RecordPoint and examine the Field Name of the policy and that metadata field of the record and compare the number of days/weeks/months to see if an action is required to be applied to the record. If an action is applied, the Timer Job will search for the corresponding content in the Active Site that the record in RecordPoint refers to and apply the action to the content from the Active Site.


Any record that has last been modified for 5 days or more will apply SubmitFinalise by the policy. If the record was modified only 3 or 4 days ago, this policy will not be applied to the record.

Description of each Policy parameter

Field Name

The field name refers to the metadata field of the record. These metadata fields are only DateTime fields. For example, if policy field name was set as disposal date, then the record will have a metadata disposal date field that will be compared. 


This is the number of days/months/years that has passed for the action to be applied to the record. For example, if the policy had a resentence date of 2 years, then only records with resentence date of 2 years or more will have the policy action applied.


This is the type of workflow to be applied to the record from the Active Site.

Steps for Adding a New Policy

  1. In Management -> Settings, click into Policy Settings
  2. In Policy Settings, click Add a new policy
  3. A new dialog to Add a new policy will pop-up
  4. Choose Field Name:
  5. Fill in the textbox with an integer and select the unit for days/months/years
  6. Select an Action
  7. Click Save after you’ve completed all the required fields
  8. A success message should be displayed
  9. After closing the dialog, the policy should now appear in the Policy Settings page

Using a custom metadata field in a Policy

To use a different field to action the Policy, it needs to be added to the Retention Policy form fields for the Record type in General Settings > Form Fields.

See Managing Form Fields