RecordPoint 4.10

Release date: March 2018

RecordPoint 4.10 brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve your Records Management platform.

For guidance on installing or upgrading to RecordPoint 4.10, see Installation, Upgrade and Configuration.

New Features in this release

Transfer to Archives - new disposal action with RecordPoint Export

RecordPoint now supports a new method of transferring records to the relevant archives or statutory body required by your records' lifecycle.

This transfer method performs a similar action to the 'RecordPoint Export', but as the final step of the Record Disposal process. As such your records are exported either to disk or to an Azure File Storage location ready for transfer to archives, and are fully disposed in RecordPoint.

For more information, please see Transfer to Archives.

Disposed stub cleanup

RecordPoint now performs cleanup of Active Site stub links for disposed records as part of the disposal process, rather than on a separate timer job, which limited the number of stubs that could be cleaned up.

For more information, see Removal of Stubs for Disposed Records.

Features deprecated in this release

'Submit' submission type fully deprecated

Since the release of RecordPoint 4.05, the 'Submit' submission type has been deprecated for all new submission workflows. The 'Submit' method was used by very few customers and our analysis showed that SubmitStub was preferred as:

  • It does not duplicate content leading to questions about which version is the ‘true record’
  • It reduces the complexity and cost of managing double the volume of content for no real reduction in risk.

With the release of RecordPoint 4.10, the Submit submission type is now fully deprecated, and all existing submission workflows using this submission type will now perform a SubmitStub.

Bugs fixed in this release

RecordPoint 4.10 includes all bugs resolved since the previous release, including:

  • Pattern Creation or Appending on Rules Setup page uses wrong outcome
  • Finalised Custom List items cannot be Restored from RecordPoint
  • Cannot restore items Via the restore Actions Page in a subsite
  • File Browser Home Location filter does not return any results
  • Full record access is not applied properly to Record Coordinator/Manager/Visitor groups
  • Export all returns error when using Advanced Search Criteria in Records/File/Box Search
  • Non-Record Administrators lose access to parts of RecordPoint site after a new storage layer s created
  • Physical Files not processed in parallel when HPP enabled on RecordPoint Queue
  • FileConnect SubmitStub items enter queue with larger size than the original file