RecordPoint 4.15

Release date: April 2019

RecordPoint 4.15 brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve your Records Management platform.

For guidance on installing or upgrading to RecordPoint 4.15, see Installation, Upgrade and Configuration.

New Features in this release

Non Electronic Label Printing from the Active Site

RecordPoint now supports printing labels from the Active site for physical files and physical document sets.

For more information see article Non Electronic Label Printing from the Active Site.

Last Moved field on physical assets

RecordPoint now has the ability to capture the Last Moved Field on a physical asset. 

For more information see article Non Electronic Last Moved Field.

Bugs fixed in this release

RecordPoint 4.15 includes all bugs resolved since the previous release, including:

  • Disposal: Disposal Basket scrollbars do not show at the bottom of results page with 30+ items;

  • Disposal: Stub removal of records disposed at the File level fails;

  • Finalize: On checked out items from RecordPoint an error is shown but the Finalize proceeds;

  • Finalize:  On checked out items from Active Site an error is shown but the Finalize proceeds;

  • Finalize: Folders cannot be finalized from RecordPoint when "Publish Draft" setting is selected;

  • Classification: For a classified physical Record, subsequent changes to the Record will remove its Classification;

  • Imports: Record Import fails due to site column restriction rather than content type restriction;

  • Imports: The "Current Status" field accepts any input for File Part Imports;

  • Request Status: An error occurs ("Record could not be found") when trying to update the request status of an item which is in the index;

  • Request: The request status metadata remains empty and does not show when a file is on loan or requested;

  • Stamp down: Manually classified files with a custom Date/Time field as the disposal trigger date should stamp-down on all file parts and their child records;

  • Rules/Patterns/Outcomes: Classification and Class Number filters do not function on the Rules Setup page;

  • Rules/Patterns/Outcomes: Patterns count mismatch in Outcome Summary;

  • Search: Incorrect default Data Type values for Date/Time Advanced Search properties; and

  • Security Settings: Security settings are disabled when the security file becomes corrupted.