RecordPoint 4.02

Release date: 15th February 2017

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RecordPoint for SharePoint version 4.02 brings new enhancements aimed at improving system, administrative and management processes with specific focus on performance, security, deployment, and records administrative tasks.

Changes in this version affect Active Site users, Record Management teams and System Administrators. To make the most of these updates you may wish to communicate these changes to users within your organisation and in particular any features or settings requiring action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.

These release notes are aimed at describing at a high level, the new and modified features available in this release. 

  Before deploying this release, we recommend following a best practice deployment process, which includes thorough testing in a non-production environment

Feature Summary & Impacts to User Groups

New Feature: Ability to assign Manual Classification for Non Electronic items during Import

Non electronic items can be imported in bulk into the RecordPoint system. Currently at time of import the items pass through the rules engine and be given classification. With this version of the product imported records can be assigned a classification that is derived from an import source file.

Deployment User Impacts

Configurations required by System AdministratorSettings to be reviewed by Records AdministratorAdditional Notes 
To utilize this new functionality the import source file must contain data that maps to the RecordPoint Classification. To learn more about mapping fields during a non electronic import please refer to the following article Manually classifying non electronic items during import.N/A Manual Classification only applies to records and files. This means that this new feature does not apply during the import of non electronic boxes.

Resolved in release

Release version v4.02 includes all bugs resolved since v4.01, including:

  • Non electronic records do not inherit classification when being contained in a non electronic file that has been manually classified.
  • Validate Rule and Create Rule ribbon buttons are enabled in the Box Browser page.
  • OData feed returns an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error when an OData configured field is not a RecordPoint indexed property.
  • Escaped RecordPoint fields failed to be added as an indexed property.