RecordPoint 4.14

Issue Identified: We have identified an issue in 4.14 which effects physical items being edited from RecordPoint. A fix for this issue will be released in 4.15 which is scheduled for mid-late March.

Issue - When editing a metadata field on a physical item within RecordPoint and that field is not used to classify the item the classification will be removed and the item will revert to unclassified.

Work around - resubmitting the item from RecordPoint will reclassify the item correctly.

Release date: December 2018

RecordPoint 4.14 brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve your Records Management platform.

For guidance on installing or upgrading to RecordPoint 4.14, see Installation, Upgrade and Configuration.

New Features in this release

Ability to request a Box/File/FilePart on behalf of another user

RecordPoint now has the ability for a user to request and Box/File/FilePart on behalf of another user.
Both the "Requested For" and "Requested By" users are captured by RecordPoint. 
For more information, see Non Electronic Requests. 

+Add new record/file/box available at the top of the list

RecordPoint now has the ability to +Add new record/file/box from the top of the page.

Full Title Field is able to be viewed when creating physical items

RecordPoint now has the ability to hover over the Title field to display the full text.

Record\File\File Part inherit its location field from its container

RecordPoint now supports the inheritance of a containers location down to its record/file/file part. 
For more information, see Location Inheritance.

Script to update existing Record\File\File Part to inherit its location from its container

RecordPoint has created a script to update all existing items to inherit the location from its container.

For more information, see Location Synchronisation.ps1.

Clicking enter on search performs a search

RecordPoint now supports clicking enter to perform a search in the Search pages.

When performing a search via Record, File, Box or Advance Search, clicking enter will hit the search button.
When performing a search via Record, File or Box in Advance search criteria, clicking enter will hit the lower search button.

Bugs fixed in this release

RecordPoint 4.14 includes all bugs resolved since the previous release, including:

  • Control Characters in document metadata properties where causing the RecordPoint submission workflow to fail;
  • In the Active site, the address book was not loading on Subsites;
  • Content types on the Active Site do not update when changes are made to the content type on the RecordPoint Site;
  • Edit File (via active site) page renders blank in IE11 when Managed Metadata Fields are used with physical content types;
  • Manage File button is not enabled in active site;
  • Physical content type lookup column does not display values when creating\editing item;
  • It allows you to add an open file to a closed box;
  • File does not close when added to a box;
  • Recordpoint generates incorrect barcodes when over 10 digits;
  • Date control boxes are not formatted correctly in labels;
  • When trying to finalise a Physical File with an OnHold Record should not succeed;
  • Hybrid File loses manual classification when finalised;
  • Status of hybrid files are not set to open when restored;
  • Records contained in a finalised file can be restored; and
  • In some instances duplicates records/files were occurring and also appearing delayed in the Browser views.