RecordPoint 4.11

Release date: May 2018

RecordPoint 4.11 brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve your Records Management platform.

For guidance on installing or upgrading to RecordPoint 4.11, see Installation, Upgrade and Configuration.

Bugs fixed in this release

RecordPoint 4.11 includes all bugs resolved since the previous release, including:

  • With the exception of Record Administrator, the out of the box RecordPoint Group permissions are not updated when a new storage site is created
  • After a file request is "Complete", the Current Location defaults to Home Location
  • A Stub removal error occurs when Active Site Security is enabled
  • Email search on Record Author field does not return correct results
  • Error "RecordPointConfig could not found" is displayed on General Settings page in managed path Active Site collection
  • Document Sets are submitted as a Record despite aggregation level settings