RecordPoint Installation

The following section describes the procedures required to install and configure RecordPoint for SharePoint.

This document is intended for SharePoint administrators who have a sound knowledge of the following components:

  • Software, hardware and service requirements.
  • Accounts and groups in SharePoint.
  • Search service applications.
  • Managed metadata service.
  • Creating and managing web applications and site collections.
  • Claims authentication.
  • Restarting services.
  • Scripting with PowerShell.

The following is a typical sequence of tasks when installing the RecordPoint software:

  1. Prepare a set of systems for software installation, including installing operating systems, software and services required and verifying that adequate system resources are available.
  2. Defining and configuring user accounts and groups to meet SharePoint and RecordPoint best practice.

    The RecordPoint site collection is created via the RecordPoint process defined in deployment and configuration.

  3. Configuring SharePoint to meet RecordPoint requirements. This includes setting up the Active/RecordPoint web applications and Active Site collections that will be managed by RecordPoint, setting up content source for RecordPoint, setting up claims authentication and starting the claims service.

  4. Installing software - Running the RecordPoint msi.
  5. Solution Installation - Deployment of solutions to Central Administration.
  6. Performing the five RecordPoint deployment and configuration processes. This includes creating a RecordPoint site collection (Create Site), installing the solution for both RecordPoint and the Active Sites (Solution Deployment), installing RecordPoint diagnostic logging and infrastructure (Local Deployment), installing content for both the RecordPoint and Active Sites (Content Deployment) and configuring components for both RecordPoint and the Active Sites (Configuration).
  7. Validating the installation and configuration is successful.