RecordPoint Upgrade

The RecordPoint for SharePoint 4.0 software has been made even easier to upgrade. This documentation describes the procedures required to upgrade and configure RecordPoint.
This document is intended for SharePoint administrators who have a sound knowledge of the following components:

  • Software, hardware and service requirements
  • Accounts and groups in SharePoint
  • Search service applications
  • Managed metadata service
  • Restarting services
  • PowerShell

This procedure covers the following topics:

  • Prepare for Installation - Explains how to prepare an environment for installation, including planning the upgrade and verifying that prerequisites are met;
  • Software Installation – Explains how to upgrade the content and configure the RecordPoint for SharePoint 4.0 software; and
  • Post Installation Checkpoints – Explains how to validate the installation was successful.

Introduction to Installation

The following is a typical sequence of tasks when upgrading the RecordPoint for SharePoint 4.0 software:

  1. Defining and configuring user accounts and groups to meet RecordPoint requirements.
  2. Installing software - Running the RecordPoint msi.
  3. Solution Installation – Update of solutions to Central Administration and upgrading content for both the RecordPoint and Active sites.
  4. Performing the RecordPoint deployment and configuration processes configuring components for both RecordPoint and the Active sites (Configuration).
  5. Validating the upgrade and configuration is successful.